1. How does it eliminate the insects?
Mosquitos are territorial and live within 150 yards of where they are born. The Mosquito Wardenis CO2scented with a bug attracting light that attracts blood-seeking females that are carrying their eggs (the only time mosquitoes are seeking blood)mosquitoes are trapped inside beneath the unit where they dry out and die. With fewer reproducing females eventually the entire population that calls your backyard home is wiped out (about 3 months).

2. How should this be set up?
Mosquito Warden allows you to connect up to 4 weather-proof units, creating a bug-free zone around your property. Units connect easily underground via a direct burial, low-voltage wire. Only one low-voltage transformer plug is required and can power up to 4 units.

3. What is the best place to keep the Mosquito Warden?
The Mosquito Warden is ideally placed in the backyard away from your family. Just let it do its thing, attracting and eliminating present mosquitos and breaking the breeding cycle.

4. How far does the mosquito warden work?
The Mosquito Warden covers an area of 11000 SQ/FT per unit and can be combined with multiple units for larger areas.

5. Is it weatherproof?
Yes, the Mosquito Warden is weatherproof and ideal for yards, terraces, and gardens.

6.How often should this be cleaned?
This should be cleaned on a weekly basis, usually when the lawn is mowed (that's how I do it).

7. How long does the mosquito warden last?
Each bulb has an average working life of 50,000 hours (about 5-6 years)and covers an area of 11000 SQ/FT.

8. Does it emit light to attract the insects?
Yes, the Mosquito Warden emits wavelength-engineered light which attracts insects along with a special coating that produces C02 in daylight and is released after sunset when mosquitoes are most active.

9. Does it require high voltage?
Unlike other bug zappers on the market, the Mosquito Warden requires only one low-voltage transformer plug-in. The wire and fan speed is harmless to pets and children.